With Pablo Cobo, Ilian Bergala, Olivier Hermon, Céline Milliat-Baumgartner, Ben Badra Afif, Isy Chautemps et Tess Boutman, Abdé Maziane

Driss is 17 when he decides to run away from home because of an abusive father. Ridden with guilt for leaving his mother behind, he decides to return to the place he left twelve years ago.

Production : Bizibi
Executive producer :
Audrey Guatelli

With the participation of
Canal +
with the support of
the Adami


Scriptwriters and directors : Kristell CHENUT et Vincent LACROCQ
Director of photography : Sylvestre DEDISE
Editor : Aurélien MERLHES anf Giulia RODINO
First assistant director : Arthur JALTA
Sound designer : Guilhem DONZEL
Music composer : Kodi NAJM
Head of wardrobe : Sybille LANG
Production designer : Julian GOMEZ
Production manager : Maud HOUVER
Location manager : Safwane KOUACH